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Legal Disclaimer / Terms of Use
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1. Ownership
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2. Online Access
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2.2 Last Kiss Last Wish Website has the right to replace or block the Subscriber's unique user name and/or password, (or any other means of personal identification), immediately and without prior notice if and when illegal access to the Licensed Material through this user name has been ascertained, or when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that such illegal access will occur or has occurred through this user name. Last Kiss Last Wish Website has the right to limit access Online to a restricted range or specific IP addresses or to block a range of or specific IP addresses, either in conjunction with Subscriber's user name or regardless of the user name.
2.3 Although reasonable care is given to ensure uninterrupted use of the Licensed Material, Last Kiss Last Wish Website shall not be liable for any temporary difficulties Subscriber may encounter in Online accessing the Licensed Material whether due to telephone connections, down time of the internet server at the provider, weather outages, maintenance, virus detection or elimination or any other reasonwhatsoever.
2.4 For security purposes and as a defense against intentional computer hacks, Last Kiss Last Wish Website does not store any of the passwords it generates, neither the Subscriber or Executor’s password and/or the “Encrypted Key” and cannot regenerate the passwords if lost by the Subscriber. We suggest that the Subscriber keeps the password in a secured location such as on his/her personal will or last testament and to test the “Encryption Key” by entering the Executor’s Area.
3. No Warranty
Last Kiss Last Wish Website makes no warranties or representations, whatsoever, either express or implied, including without limitation any warranties with respect to information transmission, information timeliness, and service availability.
4. No Liability
You agree to assume all risk in using the Last Kiss Last Wish Website. 171611 Canada Inc. is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, or consequential damages, including moral damages, or any other circumstance arising from your use of the Last Kiss Last Wish Website, lost or delayed transmission(s) whether or not advised of such a possibility.
5. Termination
Last Kiss Last Wish reserves the right to terminate or block your use of the Last Kiss Last Wish Website at any time and without prior notice if, at the sole discretion of Last Kiss Last Wish, your apparent use of the site is deemed to violate these Terms of Use or is deemed illegal, malicious, disruptive, or generally incompatible with the intended purpose of the site.
6. Cancellation
You may cancel your yearly Last Kiss Last Wish services at any time upon request. No refunds or any pro-rated fees will be issued upon cancellation. When you cancel your yearly Last Kiss Last Wish services you are responsible for all charges incurred up to the end of the subscription year. You are advised to check your credit card statements, following the termination of your subscription, to confirm that further automatic payments have ceased as expected. Cancellation errors are considered billing errors and are subject to the Last Kiss Last Wish Refund Policy.
7. Refund Policy
All sales are final. All Last Kiss Last Wish charges are non-refundable except over- charges due to billing or payment errors, as solely determined by Last Kiss Last Wish. You are advised to examine your Last Kiss Last Wish invoices and corresponding credit card transactions promptly and carefully. If you suspect you have been over-charged due to a billing or payment error, you must request a refund within ninety(90) days of the corresponding billing or payment date. Under no circumstances will Last Kiss Last Wish refund payment(s) dated over ninety (90) days prior to the date of a refund request.
8. External Web Links
The Last Kiss Last Wish Website contains links to many other websites with external web links. Last Kiss Last Wish is not responsible for the content, policies, or any other aspect of such websites.