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I've always been told that I live a charming life and with so many unique experiences and stories that I have shared with my friends over countless dinners at home, it got me thinking about leaving some of these life journeys and lessons to my love ones after I passed on. These are the things you wouldn't include in a will but have just as much, (if not more), value than material possessions. That's where the idea for LastKissLastWish was born, a way to share a part of myself with my family and friends that they could keep forever; including my famous oxtail recipe so that the tradition of our family Sunday dinner could live on! And with this recipe came the normal extension for the small but valued possessions that one can designate and give away to whomever but are just too "trivial" to include in a legal will. Last testaments are to finalize the broader strokes of one's lifetime like monies and property but what becomes of the tender and loving memories of your personal items that cannot be written into a will? You have beautiful memories of your personal collectables, the picture of your "best friends" on your dresser that you look at every day, the leather jacket that protected and made you safe, your accumulation of worldly items like fridge magnets and shooter glasses, etc., are just a few examples of the little things of joy that you cherished and never threw out during your life so why would they go into the garbage or a box in the garage when you're gone? Wouldn't you want your crew of best friends that you spent so many hours with to have and enjoy them? How many times did one of your friends come to your house and say, "Wow, I love that!" So imagine a personal keepsake given to you and/or video made just for you from your best friend so that you can listen to over and over again because when you lose someone close to you, you search for things and memories that you can hold onto to keep the memory of your beloved alive. This is the essence of LastKissLastWish.

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