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Here’s Why You Should Use Last Kiss Last Wish

Last Kiss Last Wish is by far the safest and most secure way to send final thoughts to friends or family members. We are not replacing a legal will or last testament but what our service offers is a unique and innovative platform to send your personal secrets to your best friends and love ones. Things that you cannot put on a legal will can be put here whether it is a personal wish, thought, or secret. Let's say you have a recipe you would like to leave to your daughter since that was her favourite dish from childhood, an autographed baseball in your room that you wish to leave to your son because you were together at the baseball game when you caught the ball, a personal picture to your best friend that was taken when the two of you were on vacation before you got married, a tennis racquet that you want to give to your tennis partner because he always wanted one like that, etc. Who would know these things? When a person passes away, most things are packed in boxes, given to charity, sold in a garage sale, or even worse, thrown away. This is where we excel and succeed in delivering those final wishes to your people. Let's say that I have a watch collection and my friend says, "Hey, who is going to know the value of each watch when you are gone?" And I reply, "Well, I'm going to tell my son to call you and you can tell him. Lol!" At Last Kiss Last Wish, I can always write this as a note but imagine if I take a selfie-video with my buddy and say, "Son, here is my good friend that you can go see anytime and he'll answer all your questions about my watch collection." Once this video is delivered to my son after my funeral, the great pleasure of seeing his late father being happy, smiling, and introducing his close friend once again is another level of joy. This is the intrinsic value of our website. Make no mistake, the last testament is a legalized document but your personal secrets are not legal entries. Give the surprising delight to your friends and loved ones after your passing and you can rejoice today knowing what lies beyond.

And the best part? You can easily load letters, notes, pictures, and videos to be sent to just that person(s). No one will ever see, hear, or view your message except for the person(s) you choose. Your spouse, your Executor, your business partners, etc., will never see what you want to deliver or who you will send it to. They can never change your personal wishes. Our service is so secure that not even our owners or employees are able to access a user’s private account. It's like your personal digital safety deposit box because nobody can freely access it. Only you or the people you choose. It is our unwavering mission to provide your content with the absolute highest level of privacy possible. It’s safety and security you can trust for your loved ones.

Here Are The Core Benefits Of Last Kiss Last Wish

  • Secure SSL Data Transmission Which Means It Is Virtually Hacker Proof
  • MD5 128-Bit 34 characters Hash Value One-Way Data Encryption So You Can Be Confident Your Private Messages Will Be Safe
  • Digital Time(less) Capsule – Your Message Will Be Delivered The Same Way You Intend It To Be No Matter How Much Time Passes By
  • Recipients Can View And Access Your Messages Whenever They Please
  • Option To Leave A “Video Will” Explanation Should Protect You From Misinterpretation or Someone Tampering With Your Will
  • Safely Share Bank Details That Can Only Be Accessed By The Executor(s) You Choose
  • Securely Share Important Passwords To Services You Want Your Loved Ones To Access Such As Cell Phone(s), PC(s), Email Account(s), Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Network Uptime In Excess Of 99.9% with 10GigE Connections To Multiple Backbone Networks For Quick Loading Website
  • Real Time Backup So Your Data Is Always Protected By The Latest And Security Updates
  • Our Service Compliments Your Legal Will As Well As A "Living Will" Or "Advance Directive" And Can Clarify Power Of Attorneys
  • Disaster Prevention, Our Secure Servers Have Multi-Stage Security That Automatically Enables Recovery In An Emergency.

Our unique service is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will have your final thoughts and wishes to cherish forever. Whether you have something encouraging to tell them or maybe it’s something you need to get off of your chest, Last Kiss Last Wish is the perfect vehicle for you to deliver these secrets posthumously. We always suggest to people to start our services at any time in their lives because there's always new friends, new developments, new places, new jobs, and of course, new secrets every day. This way, you can control your secrets over time and not forget anybody and anything important in your life to leave behind.

Here Is What Some Of Our Happy Clients And Executors Have To Say About Last Kiss Last Wish


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Jamie Harris

When my father&n...more

Tammy Gifkins

I come from a very big immigrant family that settled in Canada when my mom was young. As we all grew older, we moved&nbs...more

Elisa Austen


As you can see, our service is parallel to none. We have built this platform for people just like you. People who care enough to give their loved ones one last gift, sent posthumously. A gift that they will hold dear to their hearts for eternity. And with that said, we invite you to open your Last Kiss Last Wish account today.

How To Open Your Account

Register your account: Simply click on the “Register” tab located at the top (right) of this page and fill in your details.

Verify your email, click on the embedded link in the email, and then log into your account.

Then you will create your "contact list" by entering the email addresses of your selected friends and love ones which are the recipients to your secrets and wishes. This step is important because when you load notes, pictures, and/or videos, you will be able to affix or tag any of these item with one, many, or even all of the email addresses from your contact list.

Next load your messages, images, and/or videos and tag each one of them with as many people as you like from your already established "contact list."

Review each item to make sure that there is an associated email(s) attached to it so that you can be assured that it will be sent out when activated by the Executor. It's all done and that simple!

Noted is that after you add in the name of the Executor, the system will automatically generate a unique encryption key for the Executor by email to unlock your content upon your demise. You will also receive a similar email with the same encryption key and you should print it out and attach it to your last will and testament; we also recommend that you write into your will this encryption key and direct the Executor to the "Executor Area" of www.lastkisslastwish.com which is located on the top menu bar.

You can make changes at any time from replacing email addresses to adding new people, letters, pictures, and videos. Be comforted to know that your private content is securely locked away safely until the time comes for them to be accessed by your loved ones.

Below you will find a menu of the various tiers of plans we offer for your convenience. Please review them and choose the one that best suits your needs. **Plans can be upgraded or downgraded whenever you choose. There are no contracts or long term commitments so you can cancel at any time.**

Our Membership Plans

Special Promotion

(Free Plan)
usd / year
  • 10 email addresses for friends
  • No Video
  • 3 photos
  • 250 character note (including spaces)
The Minimalist Account

(Yearly Plan)
usd / year
  • 25 email addresses for friends
  • 20 MB of video
  • 10 photos
  • 350 character note (including spaces)
The Comfort Account

(Yearly Plan)
usd / year
  • 50 email addresses for friends
  • 60 MB of video
  • 20 photos
  • 600 character note (including spaces)
The Heavenly Account

(Lifetime Plan)
usd / Lifetime
  • 100 email addresses for friends
  • 200 MB of video
  • 30 photos
  • 1500 character note (including spaces)
Additional Benefits

Additional email addresses

$0.50 cents each

Additional photos

$2.00 dollars each

Additional characters

$10.00 for each 200 characters

Additional Video MB

$10 for each 60MB